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+251 944 28 35 79

Hours of Operation

MON – FRI: 7AM – 7PM
SAT – SUN: 5PM – 2AM
Bar only open on weekends.


22 Road, Nazirate Building
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Welcome This is our story


At Black Addis we offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try our delicious food.

The key to our success is simple: providing quality consistent food that taste great every single time. We pride ourselves on serving our customers delicious genuine dishes like: Burger, Pizza, Salads

Eat delicious food. Grab a drink. But most of all, relax! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support.


Signature Bugger The Best Test in the City


There is clearly a growing craving for different tastes, as hinted in the possibility of fast-food imports. “You’ve got that youngest generation that’s used to being exposed to really diverse flavors, and what that’s creating is both ends of the spectrum coming together to create a halo of diners wanting more diverse menu options. If you’ve got people wanting a more experiential environment, and more diverse flavors, those two things come together to create this new spirit of food, adventure, and discovery.